How To Get 1 Year Of Amazon Prime For Free!


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Feb 16, 2020
New Delhi, India
It’s Confirmed method working but I haven’t tested it. but you should try, worth it.
Get 1 Year Amazon Prime for Free (No Credit Card Needed)

Requirements: 1 EDU mail

Steps :
  1. Visit…st_wlp_pr_redir (click on Link to open tab no VPN needed)
  2. Now create an account using your personal (not EDU) Email and choose a Password
  3. It will send you a verification email/OTP so verify that and then come back to the browser
  4. After verification, it will redirect you to prime for student page then enter your Edu mail and choose year as 2020 or 2021
  5. Now choose direct debit as the payment method and visit and choose Germany flag there then copy BIC and IBAN from there and put that on amazon
  6. After that, it will ask you for address and personal details you have to choose the country of which content you want in address (For example you want Indian content in the prime video you have to choose Country as India and put Indian Address)
  7. It will send a confirmation email on your Edu mail you just have to verify that
Voìla You Got Amazon Prime For 1 Year For FREE

Note: The site will be in German so translate that in whichever language you want using web translator in chrome or any other webs browser.

Good Luck!

Any experience member, Please confirm it’s working?