This Bird Has Flown The Enduring Beauty of Rubber Soul, Fifty Years On


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The Beatles' sixth studio album ÊRubber SoulÊ was a game changer. By December 1965 when the album was released the Beatles had played the first arena rock show at Shea Stadium for 55 000 delirious fans been awarded MBE (Member of British Empire) medals and were indisputably the greatest musical phenomenon since Elvis Presley. With their first film ÊA Hard Day's NightÊ John Paul George and Ringo laid down the blueprint for everyone who ever wanted to form a group. The movie entertaining as it was became an instruction manual for aspiring pop stars of the day on how to play dress and act. Richard Lester's 1964 comedy turned out to be the touchstone for every music video that followed. Then with the release of ÊRubber SoulÊ the Beatles created an artistic benchmark to which their peers measured their craft and creativity. Touring the world over two years the band had grown up fast. Both musically and lyrically their new album represented a major leap. Upon hearing ÊRubber SoulÊ Bob...