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Don't use any traffic generation bot why?
1- Never Got Adsense Approval.
2- Bot hits only your view or state of site ( only in the form of backed for user hyp)
3- Bots never give any real customer like AdWords, SMM, Bing ads, Etc.
4- Don't buy a mass user.
5- bots really decrease your site state after some time. Please follow SEO, Do follow back link, paid ads, free ads. Etc.
6- All guys are self brand so why you loose your branding.?
7- Don't 🤗🤗 be happy, ohhh I want make money night tonight through this method...
Not possible! 😵😵
Yeh it's possible how?👉 Build your fans followers in million or billion etc. Then it's possible you can make 4-5 figure money at night tonight..
8- Read a book of Dark internet how it's work?
9- ultimately make money with patience and hard work with Unique Niche. Don't copy to anyone, Becoz You are the Supreem commander of your life...

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